Episode 12: Beauty Standards In America

In Episode 12: Beauty Standards in America, the hosts Jiselle and Kayla interview Isabella Reese. Isabella is a college student who shares her experience combating beauty standards.

In this episode, we discuss impossible beauty standards and think about how we are influenced by the media and marketers. Body shape, body size, gender fluidity and hair styles are some of the most explored types of ideal beauty.

Beauty standards in the United States have changed over time, and we discuss how fashion, trends, and expectations for female beauty have evolved.

We pose questions like: are Millennials pushing back against the impossible beauty standards of today? Or are we accepting them as was more common in the past? How do these types of ideal beauty negatively affect people?

What do you think about the expectations for beauty in the United States? Do you believe these standards have changed for women over time? How do standards for females compare to those for males?

Thank you for listening and tune in for next week’s episode! Listen to similar shows like women’s health and empowerment projects, and check out some of our latest interviews!

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