Episode 9: Millennials Entering the Workforce

Episode 9 is all about the myths, misconceptions and miseries that millennials go through when entering the workforce. Millennial Mondays speaks with Chris Ek, a final documents specialist for loan mortgages for New Day USA.

Chris discusses his personal journey entering the workforce after college and the dynamic of his professional vision. The MiMo hosts ask about Chris’s future goals and how he hopes to achieve them.


Entering The Workforce: Myths, Misconceptions, & Miseries

Nowadays, millennials are often labelled as lazy and entitled because of technology’s prevalence. But how do millennials see things?

Chris discusses the stigma surrounding a young person’s work ethic when starting a new job and why we may be perceived a certain way. Elaborating on this issue, the hosts discuss how millennials see other generations in the workplace.

Kayla and Jiselle ask our guest to compare employer expectations versus what millennials think they are expected to know before entering a job. Company dynamics and culture mean different things to different generations.

After talking about how a millennial’s professional dream may include different priorities than those of previous generations, the hosts ask Chris why it is so different.

Is the typical work environment changing? Are Millennials the cause? Why are Millennials labelled as lazy? We dive into all of these questions and more.

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