Episode 3: The Rise of Fake News

Episode 3 of the Millennial Mondays podcast discusses the influence of fake news on society and culture in the United States.

Some common questions might be: What is fake news? What impact does it have on people and what is the motivation behind it?
(we highly recommend playing Fake Love to get you in the mood for this episode)


-Drake (sort of)

Kayla & Jiselle discuss with two researchers for Media Matters for America, Jared Holt and Tyler Cherry, the impact of the distribution of false information in 2016-17. Our guest speakers clarify terms such as news purveyors and misinformation, and comment on how it can affect our lives socially.

Jared and Tyler discuss how Facebook is a major player in the distribution of fake news and how its new policies on screening fake stories impact the credibility of trusted news sources in the country. The guest speakers define what fake news is and discuss its place amongst mainstream media. They explain what this means for news consumers and journalists reporting real news stories.

Our host, Kayla, inquires about the real world consequences of spreading false information and why we should pay attention to (and question) our news sources carefully. The guests discuss extreme right and alt right fake news purveyors and distributors.

Because Facebook is a major player in the distribution of fake news, the discussion often links back to Facebook’s motivations and how they have the ability to change the news climate.

The speakers examine the role that fake news played in the 2016 presidential campaign, and its role in the current administration. The Millennial Mondays team highlights the prevalence of President Trump labelling trusted news sources as “fake news” and the consequences of these actions on our political climate.

On the second half of the podcast, the Millennial Mondays hosts reunite to discuss their final thoughts on this incredibly insightful interview.

Thanks for listening!

Questions for listeners:

  1. What is your main news source and why?
  2. Do you think news sources should hold politicians accountable for misleading facts?
  3. What do you think about the current news climate?
  4. Are you willing to question your news sources?

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