Episode 14: Filtering our Facebook Friends

Episode 14 Filtering our Facebook Friends is a conversation with millennial women and non-millennial women about the social media age of politics.

Some questions about this episode’s deemed unfriending zone include: What was it about this recent election that made Americans change the political discussion? What is it about the online political presence that has contributed to the divide? Can we still talk to each other about politics and issues dear to us without picking sides?

According to PoliticoThe Silicon Valley behemoth says more than 100 million Americans this year have generated 4 billion posts, likes, comments and shares about the presidential campaign and in the process prompted all manner of hand wringing and division among users more accustomed to glorious ignorance about their friends’ political opinions.

Listen in as four young women discuss the effects of Facebook arguments and the overall change in the political scene since the 2016 election. What can we do to change things? How can we make talking to each other easier?

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