Episode 4: Influential Women of History and Today

Episode 4¬†kicks off Women’s History Month with a look at some influential¬†women from the U.S. in history and today. Jiselle and Kayla will each discuss one famous women from the early U.S. history, and one famous women from modern times.

We discuss the life and background of two famous women who were born in the 1800’s. Their trials, tribulations, and moments of amazing success and influence in their communities.


Mystery Woman

After talking about the impact these ladies had on society, we each introduce a woman who we found has impacted our lives personally, and continue to do so. To find out who these women are, and what is so cool about them, listen to the podcast episodes.

This episode is the first women-focused episode we produced in honor of National Women’s History Month. Our next show, Ep. 5 – The Future is Female will highlight women’s roles in politics today.

Questions for listeners:

  1. Which influential women do you find most interesting?
  2. Did you know about these women’s lives before this episode?
  3. Which women have impacted you personally?

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