Episode 7: Life In Color Part One, Exploring Racism

Episode 7 – Life In Color Part One examines what it is like to be treated differently due differences in skin, from the perspective of James Galdamez. Though his personal accounts of racial discrimination and experiences with racism, James gives us his take on this hot topic.

What happens when you search “racism” on Google? We usually see images of white and black people either shaking hands or fighting. Do we need more information behind what looks like a black and white controversy in order to address it?

The Millennial Mondays hosts speak with James about his experiences with racism and how they shaped who he is. They also discuss what fuels racism and the current efforts being made that lessen prejudices.

Kayla and Jiselle discuss popular film and novels that comment on and point out many parts of this issue. Racial discrimination, prejudice, disrespect, and lack of opportunity and rights can result from rising racial disparities.

The movie referred to by James, Moonlight (directed by Barry Jenkins), is nominated for Best Picture for Oscars 2017. And the novel mentioned by Kayla is Between The World And Me (written by Ta-Nehisi Coates).

Question’s for listeners:

  1. Do you know any literary or theatrical works that cover this topic well?
  2. Have you ever experienced racial discrimination?
  3. How should we combat this issue?
  4. Is talking about the problem going to help resolve it?

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