Episode 15: Living In China During The Teen Years

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

A seemingly simple idea in its conception, yet communism is surrounded by misunderstanding. In Episode 15, our guest Jackie details her years growing up as a teenager in a communist country, and how living in China affected her worldview.

Jackie moved to China from US, Michigan when she was 12 and lived there until she was 16. She lived in Beijing for three years and in Shanghai for one, during the height of modern China’s economic boom. After moving back to the United States, Jackie pursued international studies further in college.

This episode explores how China’s communist regime affects the accessibility of information and communication, as well as clarifies the economic and political functions of a communist government. We ask how a communist government operates, how the experiences and cultures of people under a communist nation differ from those under democracies, and listen to a first-hand account of the danger and secrecy surrounding life under communists.

We also ask Jackie what living in China was generally like, from the perspective of a teenager learning to adapt to a new social standard.

How can we better understand the experiences of people living in communist countries? How can we build a greater understanding of the differences between communist economic ideology and the political-economic reality? Do you think that the western world can be involved/work with communist nations?

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