Episode 13: Meet Our Friends ¡Duh!mericana

Episode 13 is our very first simulcast with ¡Duh!mericana Podcasters! On this episode we are joined by our new friends and temporary co-hosts, Benzy and Wilx of the Florida-based podcasting group.

We felt so lucky to talk with these ladies about why we all started podcasting, what we’ve learned from podcasting and what our goals are for the future! We discuss what it feels like to embark on such an adventure with a close friend and what that means for the professional side of that relationship as well.

If you’d like to know more about Jiselle and Kayla, founders and co-hosts of Millennial Mondays, this is a perfect episode for you. It is an even better opportunity to hear the similarities and differences podcasts can have from each other.

¡Duh!mericana is hosted by two millennial women, who talk about about American culture, style and entertainment trends. They discuss topics all the way from Taylor Swift to important historical figures to the best podcasts out right now!

With the variety of topics and experiences between the two groups, the four women talk about their personal, professional and political values and how they use the podcast to express or not express those feelings.

Listen in for more stuff like this and look for us next Monday! Happy Listening!

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