Episode 16: Millennials Leaving the Nest!

Episode 16 Millennials leaving the nest is an interview of the Millennial Mondays team on how they moved out after college, finding an affordable apartment and choosing the right roommate(s). If you listen to to the end we announce our poetry winner!

Some questions to think about millennials leaving the nest: What is the apartment hunting process like? What things should you look for in a roommate? Who do you need to deal with besides your roommate when you move out? What stresses do you need to worry about before, during and after moving?

According to Abodo: “Millennials — the largest, most educated generation in history — are increasingly living with parents in lieu of striking out on their own. They already account for the majority of the workforce, they’re expected to comprise 75% of it by 2030. So why is this economically powerful generation choosing to stay home?

The problem isn’t just high rent, or just lack of education, or just unemployment, or just low pay. Often, it’s a combination. Millennials are not only earning less than their parents did as young adults, but the majority of Millennials who pursue post-secondary education also graduate saddled with an average student loan debt hovering around $30,000.”

In this episode, the hosts discuss the adjustment process to moving out, what surprises them and what stresses them out on a regular basis. Millennial Mondays needed to move closer to their new jobs, to learn more about the millennial experience in the workforce, listen to Millennial Myths, Misconceptions and Miseries

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