Episode 10: DC People’s Climate March

Episode 10 is all about The People’s Climate March, which took place in Washington, D.C. on Saturday,  April 29.

In this episode, one host will interview the other about their experience at the Climate March. There are many reasons why the MiMo host wanted to attend the demonstration, but the cause for the March was even bigger than just her.

The Climate March was about the world telling our government that we do not accept the current Environmental Agenda. The demonstrators marched to the White House to tell President Trump “Resistance is here to stay, welcome to your 100th day.”

“You Can’t Drink Oil, Keep It In The Soil”

Our MiMo host talks about the demographics of the marchers, and why this topic is so pressing. She discusses why she believes in this March, and how a company she works for hopes to educate others on environmental and climate change issues.

The crowd was huge, with over 200,000 participants. Our host talks about who they were and why it is important to have a diverse group at an event such as this. Many of the participants held signs about protecting water, public land, marine life, and lowering our carbon emissions.

In this episode, we talk a lot about the issues of climate change and how the current administration is failing it’s duty to protecting the American people’s right to a clean and healthy environment. After our interview, we learned that two U.S. senators have proposed a bill called 100×50, which plans to get the U.S. to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050.

This is a very hopeful bill, which was the overlying theme of the People’s Climate March on Saturday. Our host describes what the atmosphere of this event felt like, and how this mood was an inspiration.

Questions For Listeners on the Climate March

  1. Do you think our generation deserves a brighter, cleaner future?
  2. Do you think Millennials agree that we need to invest in renewable energy and technologies?
  3. Are Millennials generally a greener generation?
  4. How does climate change affect you personally?

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