Episode 2: Preparing For Job Interviews

Episode 2 of the Millennial Mondays podcast dives into the professional world, where skills are high, experience is low, and job interviews are an intimidating prospect.

Some common questions might be: What happens when you transition from interviewee to interviewer? What do interviewers look for and why don’t they ever call you back when they say they would?? (Or at all?)

Millennial Mondays is here to help answer questions about struggles Millennials and recent college graduates struggle with when entering the “real world”. Kayla & Jiselle interview medical professional Ms. Sue Watson on how the job market has changed over the past 10-20 years.

First, hear about her career and education background, and how she came to be in her current field of work. As a manager in the medical field, she had to attend school for many years before she could start working her way up the ladder.

Watson explains what to do and what not to do in job interviews, what impresses her, and why a position will go to one applicant over another.

Watson tells Millennial Mondays host Jiselle about why cover letters and resumes are important  in a job interview and what the interviewer typically focuses on when viewing them. She delves into resume and cover letter presentation as well.

The job market in America is ever-changing, but that does not mean that we should stop studying, networking and learning how to improve ourselves.

On the second half of the podcast, Millennial Mondays cast (Kayla and Jiselle) reunites to discuss their goals, thoughts and take-aways from Watson’s interview while intertwining their own experiences with the job market.

Questions for listeners:

  1. What was the best interview advice you have ever received?
  2. Do you usually hear back about job applications quickly, or at all?
  3. What is a big DO NOT for you during job interviews?
  4. How do you prepare for job interviews?


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