Episode 11: Sexual Assault, Violence and Harassment

Silence and fear are common words associated with the topic of sexual assault, violence, and harassment in the United States. Words like discussion, solution, and improving rape culture are a little less commonly associated. In Millennial Mondays Episode 11, we open the discussion of this issue.

Our guest speaker Jose Coronado is a student at Harvard University, where he studies comparative literature. Coronado is passionate about spreading awareness and education regarding why it is so important to talk about sexual assault as an issue in the U.S.

Some of the alarming statistics regarding sexual assault, violence and harassment are listed in the episode as the hosts discuss socio-economic status, gender and race regarding these issues.

Jose shares his experiences with the way college culture treats sexual assault cases. The hosts discuss sentencing and consequences both on and off campus for those who commit sexual assault-related crimes.

It is evident from research dating back from the 90’s, that in the United States there is a specific culture surrounding reputation and violent or invasive sex crimes.

Some questions to ask are: What is a sufficient sentencing for a sex criminal? What is it that we are so afraid to talk about? How can we change college rape culture? What is that millennials can do to change the hesitance of speaking out?

This episode on sexual assault, violence and harassment, is part one in a three part series. In parts two and three, Millennial Mondays will discuss sexual assault in the military and the sexual assault cases that turned into the movie Spotlight.

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