Episode 5: Women in Government

Episode 5 of the Millennial Mondays podcast discusses the importance of women in government with Hood College senior, Molly Masterson as their guest. She is part of the Hood College Democrats club on campus and has participated in a recent political debate open to the public.

Some common questions might be: Do men and women approach problem solving the same way? What is the importance of the female perspective in government? How can include more women in government in the U.S.?

Millennial Mondays dives into these questions with Masterson. Together, they discuss the issues affecting millennial women in America, personally and professionally.

Masterson describes how not only women in government, but in any field of work often must overcome more obstacles and work harder to get to the same level of respect and success as their male coworkers.

This episode begins with background information on Masterson and how she got involved on campus and her goals for making a difference in the college community. As an on campus leader, she often hears different perspectives on local and political changes. She expresses the importance of minority representation with the hosts of Millennial Mondays.

What does a college political club do on a weekly basis? What do they hope to achieve? Masterson describes what happens at a typical Democrats meeting and gives highlights on one debate with the Republicans club.

Masterson then compares and contrasts the political atmosphere on campus with the atmosphere in D.C. and how one is more collaborative and effective than the other.

Questions for listeners:

  1. What do you think about women’s role in politics?
  2. How do you make sure your voice is heard?
  3. What are your biggest political motivators?
  4. What are you doing to hear different perspectives?

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