Episode 1: Women’s March and President Obama’s Legacy

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Episode 1 Jiselle and Kayla talk about what it was like to attend the Women’s March on Washington January 21st, 2017. 

She discuses what it felt like to survive such a massive congregation of people in one place. With around 500,000 marchers, it was not an event for people who dislike small spaces.

Then, Kayla discusses the peaceful and respectful protesters and the crowds interaction with local law enforcement. The magnitude of the Women’s March really hit when becoming wedged in the mass of people, unable to move or see anything.

The messages on protesters signs varied. Among the popular messages were: Black Lives Matter, Climate Change/Science is real, Love Trumps Hate, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights. Overall, Marriage equality, abortion rights, racial equality and native american rights seemed to be the overriding themes of the Women’s March.

Was the protest successful? Was the Women’s March an anti-Trump protest, a civil rights protest, or both?

Later, they discuss President Obama’s legacy and the thousands of letters he received from the American people throughout his two terms.

The two discuss the impact of reading 10 letters per day from the people America people. They talk about the individuals that picked these letters for the President to end his day with.

What happens to all of these letters? Who reads them all? Why did Obama commit to reading these letters at all? We dive into all these questions, to try and understand the importance of the letters.

Finally, Kayla & Jiselle discuss what his presidency meant to them over the last 8 years, and how his leadership impacted their lives.

Questions for listeners:
  1. What did you think about the Women’s March?
  2. Did you attend the March in D.C. or a sister March?
  3. How did Obama’s legacy impact on you the most?

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